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Miriam A. Donis is a Graphic Designer based in Houston, Texas. With a background in Brand Identity, Packaging, and Web Design developed in her Bachelors of Science degree in Global Arts, Planning, Design, and Construction at Texas A&M University, Miriam specializes in Branding, Illustration, and Photography.


As a current candidate for a Masters of Fine Arts degree in Graphic Design at the University of Houston, she is exploring and expanding on the art of storytelling across mediums and cultures.

When she is not completing academic projects, she Freelances with Vidsy to complete Motion Graphics for social media campaigns or works to sharpen her creative skills.

She also enjoys enriching travel trips and some of the simpler things in life like a fresh cup of coffee and tending for her plants.​

 Past Clients: 

Check out this song Kovet made to my image!

Immediately inspired by the creative exchange between Gertrude Stein and Pablo Picasso, in which they created portraits of each other in the medium they each knew best, I asked my friend to make a musical portrait of yours truly.

Alas! We hope you enjoy it.