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Branding/Product/Packaging Design

"Bizarre Bakers Battle" is a reboot of the quick pass-and-play card game “SushiGo”. Designed solely by the rules and the concept of being a fast-paced game, in which players aim to collect the most points, "Bizarre Bakers Battle" is a 50s retro-styled, competitive game about baking with a twist!

Baking With A Twist!

What Is It About?

"Pick up your kitchen utensils and get ready to make all the batter you are able to and make the pastry that will impress the judges.

This is a fun game for the whole family to enjoy, whether you are a seasoned chef, or have only started trying your hand in the kitchen. Play a few rounds of this peculiarly entertaining pass and play a game about baking with a twist, to find out who is the master baker among you!"

Discover A New Culinary World!

With 108 cards to play, various ingredients, utensils, and unexpected kitchen helpers are available at your fingertips.

Use your cards strategically as they come into your hand and accumulate the most points.

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