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Puck's Character Design

Environment Design

The play takes place in a forest on the outskirts of the Greek city of Athens. Below are a few cinematic explorations of the location where the young lovers are tricked by the fairy.

Fully rendered is a fictitious "twisting willow" tree, where Puck deliberately enchants the sleeping group of visitors. Along its roots, a sleeping Puck naps in the shade, and in the distance, the city of Athens.

Puck, the Shakesperean character from the play "Midsummer Night's Dream", is just like the well-known Peter Pan character we all know and love; except, Puck is a lot more mischievous and is actually a forest fairy, not a young boy who refuses to grow older. 

This digital rendition of the classic character develops from the fashion in "The Spiderwick Chronicles", as well as that of the animated film "Epic", in which we see more organic and seamless compositions of the garments of the forest creatures.

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Character Design

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