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Calcos| Mobile Cobbler

Brand Design

“Calcos” is a term that refers to the word “Calzado”, the Spanish term for footwear, which is where our expertise starts to show!

Calcos Cobbler is a mobile cobbler business that provides adjustments and repairs for a wide variety of shoes,  zippers, belts, purses, luggage and other leather products to neighborhoods all over.

The Truck

Our vehicle of choice is a deep green and white Citroen truck that helps us stand out among other trucks on the streets. Being a vintage, yet well-kept and classy vehicle, it only seems fitting for the Citroen to carry our business, and give the first impression about us to our clients.

Product Design


Not only do we fix shoes and other leather products, but we also have apparel and can provide our clients with items to care of their leather goods.

Some of our uniform items are also available for clients to buy and order online, as honorary members of our Leather Crew. These items range from a variety of shirts and hoodies, with more items to come soon.



The stationary showcases our classy business side, with a clean and contemporary look that also highlights our focus on leather products.

Web Design


The website also aims to give prospective clients a pleasant experience. Therefore we have created a one-page site that includes the projected weekly schedule for our truck, as well as a place to easily access our location on a map. We have also included a way to order, contact and inquire about our services and products.

Brand Design Guide

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